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Forbidden Passion
The Demon Born Series, book 3

by Rita Herron


Rita Herron continues her unique blend of romance and paranormal elements in this third book of The Demon Born Series. The first book, Insatiable Desire, was also reviewed by MyShelf, as was the second, titled Dark Hunger. This is the story of the third brother, and the premise deals with murder, demons, and a hero and heroine who combine a past and future in Forbidden Passion.

Dante Valtrez did one good deed as an in-training demon and finds himself running from the Demon underworld. His path to right a wrong includes becoming sheriff of a small town where a serial killer is running amuck. Before he can get a handle on the monsterís whereabouts, the girl-child he saved returns to town in the guise of a beautiful woman who is being targeted by the killer.

Dr. Marlena Bender has spent countless years studying the psyche of violent criminals. Now she is ready to confront her past; a past where her mother and sister were brutally killed by a monster with red eyes, and she was rescued by a young man. A man who is now in charge of law-enforcement, something which comes in handy when she begins to receive trophies from a killer.

Together Marlena and Dante must fight their past and present in order to obtain a future. Their emotions are on a roller coaster ride as Dante is targeted by his father, the new ruler of the Demon world, and Marlena is set up as the next victim, to draw Dante back into the Demon fold.

The Book

Hachette Books / Grand Central Publishing
April 2010
Mass market paperback
Paranormal Romance
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NOTE: Explicit Sexual Content

The Reviewer

Faith V. Smith
Reviewed 2010
NOTE: Reviewer Faith V Smith is the author of Beware What You Wish, a Regency time travel romance, and vampire romance Kensington's Soul. Dunbar's Curse, her second Bound by Blood vampire romance will be released March 2010, with a time travel romance titled Viking, Go Home to follow soon after.
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