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His Darkest Embrace

By Juliana Stone

Skye Knightly is an eagle warrior. A shifter. And she is running out of time. She must find the portal and destroy it before the underworld is unleashed upon the earth and all of humanity is destroyed. She is in the jungles of Belize looking for the cave that her father hid the portal in. Only an eagle warrior can destroy the portal. Now that her father has died the job has fallen to her. Her brother could have done it but now she doesn't even know if he is still alive. All her hopes and dreams are gone now. The responsibility that she is left with come at the cost of great sacrifice. For her to close the portal she must become locked in the underworld for eternity. Her sacrifice is the only hope for humanity.

Jagger Castille is a creature of the night. He is a jaguar shifter. He personally exiled himself here 3 months ago for personal reasons. Now, someone or something has entered his cave. A woman being attacked by other jaguar shifters. That is something he cannot allow. It puts him in automatic protection mode when a woman is being mistreated. Once he saves her, their lives become entwined and they begin a dangerous trek to save the world.

Skye and Jagger come to realize that there is an attraction that neither of them can deny. The harder they try to fight it the stronger it becomes. Unknown to Jagger, the eagles and jaguars have been mortal enemies for hundreds of years. Jaguars almost totally annihilated the eagle shifters. Now they must rely on each other to save the world. But, Skye doesn't tell Jagger everything. She doesn't tell him that to destroy the portal she must sacrifice herself. Once he finds out later on from someone else, he becomes determined to find another way to protect her and save her. However, others are determined to capture her and the portal and unleash the evil that lies in wait to be released. She is running out of time and the enemy is closing in.

Juliana Stone has done a wonderful job with this story. Although I have not read the first one of this series, this book stands alone quite well. It is my understanding that this is not only the second book in a series, it is also the second book she has published. She is well on her way as a paranormal success. I am looking forward to reading the first, and the next, of this series. The only thing that was a down for me was the excessive use of the “F” word. Never did like it much. But, that is just my opinion. It is still well worth the read.

The Book

Avon Books – HarperCollins
October 26, 2010
Paranormal Romance
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NOTE: Extreme language use.

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Linda Young
Reviewed 2010
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