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Lord Lightning

By Jenny Brown

     In 1818 London, Eliza Farrell is a struggling astrologer going to her first paying client. Raised in a country village by her aunt, Eliza began learning at a very early age the art of Astrology. Being a descendant of a well know seeress, Eliza hopes to fill that role. Once she reaches her destination, she begins to realize how innocent she is to city life. It becomes even more evident when she meets her client, Violet LeDuc. She is unaccustomed to being in the company of women of such dubious virtue as those who became mistresses of rakes such as Lord Lightning.

Lord Hartwood, better known as Lord Lightning for his shocking behavior, is an unrepentant rogue with quite a reputation. He assures himself that his terrible conduct will allow no woman to get close enough to hurt him. However, his well-laid plans are disrupted when he approaches the door to Miss LeDuc's dressing room and overhears her conversation with Eliza. When he walks into the room, Miss LeDuc informs him that she can no longer be his mistress because she is getting a part in a play and that her career is more important. Knowing that the seeress is the reason for this new development, he begins forming a new plan in his mind. He must have a mistress with him when he goes to visit his mother if he is to receive his inheritance. That mistress was to be Miss LeDuc. Now, however, he needs a new one. So, why not take the seeress?

When Lord Lightning abducts Eliza and explains his plans for her, he is quite shocked when she agrees to go along with it provided he agrees to her terms. First curiosity, and then amusement, spurs him into accepting her terms. Question is, can his roguish heart survive her frankness and her own hidden agenda?

Jenny Brown has done a wonderful job on her breakout first novel. Her step away from the typical romance hero is quite a refreshing change. On her personal website she talks about her reasons for this. I found it interesting to read a hero who is less than perfect. It puts a nice twist to the typical romance novel. I give a thumbs up for Jenny's first novel.

The Book

Avon Books / HarperCollins Publishers
September 28, 2010
Historical Romance / 1818 London
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Linda Young
Reviewed 2010
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