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Montana Glory
The McCord Family, Book 3

By R.C. Ryan

      All single-mom Riley Mason wants is a safe place to raise her four year-old daughter, Summer, while she hides from danger. She believes she’s found one when Cal Randall, the foreman of the Lost Nugget Ranch owned by the McCord family, hires Riley as a temporary accountant to straighten out the ranch’s finances following the death of the owner, Cort McCord. Riley’s new surroundings are a perfect haven, except for the youngest McCord. Zane McCord is as wild as the mustangs he works with, and his sexy presence is as intimidating to Riley’s sanity as it is dangerous to her heart.

Zane McCord was only 12 when his mother forced him and his father to leave the Lost Nugget Ranch so that she could pursue an acting career in Hollywood. Years later, Zane returns to the home and family he loves after his grandfather Cort’s death. He has spent two years with wild mustangs filming a documentary for TV and, after several weeks with the wild horses, Zane returns to the ranch to discover their new accountant, Riley Mason, a beautiful young mother who is as skittish as the wild horses Zane tames. Certain there’s a reason why Riley is so fearful around him, Zane wants to unearth the mystery of her past. It’s a journey that will involve the entire McCord family – and one that teaches both Zane and Riley the meaning of love.

Montana Glory is a heartwarming romance as vast as the Montana ranch upon which the story is set, and as warm and sincere as the loving characters that R.C. Ryan has developed for this wonderful series. I admired Riley’s strength and courage to do what it takes to protect her daughter, while protecting her heart. Though Zane has his own issues with trust, he is loveable and lighthearted, and one sexy hunk. While best read from the first book in the series, this novel can stand alone. The true wonder of this uplifting novel doesn’t rest upon a single love, but with the entire McCord family. Their presence will remain in your heart long after the last page is read.


The Book

Forever- Hachette
November 1, 2010
Mass Market Paperback
0446548642; 978-0446548649
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NOTE: R.C. Ryan is New York Times Bestselling author Ruth Ryan Langan’s pseudonym; previous releases in this series are Montana Destiny and Montana Legacy

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