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Sins of the Flesh
First in a new series

by Caridad Piñero


       Caterina Shaw, a symphony cello player, is dying when Dr. Wells convinces her to agree to a new gene therapy treatment. Six months later, she escapes from the biotech laboratory where she has been restrained and tormented. Disoriented and weak, when Cat’s thoughts flash on blood and death, she tries to focus. Hearing a helicopter above, she hides and discovers that, like a chameleon’s, her skin changes color. She sets out for the only safe haven she knows: the Academy of Music.

Mick Carrera, ex-military and now security consultant, is hired by scientist Dr. Raymond Edwards to find Caterina, who he claims is responsible for the grisly death of his partner, Dr. Rudy Wells. Seeing her photo, Mick finds it difficult to believe the dark-haired beauty could be a murderer, yet he’s determined to complete his mission.

Mick talks with Cat’s friends and learns that, before the experiment, Cat had courage and perseverance, passion and intelligence. When he finds her at the Academy, Cat has already been wounded by another mercenary Edwards has hired. She reaches out to Mick for help, so he takes her to his safe house and calls his sister, Liliana. Mick sees evidence of abuse on Liliana from her fiancé and is justifiably angry. The evidence of restraining marks and abuse on Cat leaves him doubting that Cat committed the murder. He asks Liliana, a physician, to test Cat’s blood while he keeps her safe. When Liliana reports that Cat was given hallucinogenic drugs and others meant to control her, Mick suspects Dr. Edwards.

As the drugs wear off, Cat’s true personality emerges. Mick and Cat become emotionally and physically involved. Mick is determined to keep her safe even though Dr. Edwards has hired other assassins to kill her.

Sins of the Flesh is a fast-paced, mesmerizing and suspenseful paranormal thriller that had me reading well into the night. Mick is an intelligent and determined hero whose ruthless façade hides compassion and understanding. Cat’s pain and confusion make her a sympathetic character from the start, one whose inner strength eventually becomes clear. Combine this with arousing love scenes and gene therapy science and Sins of the Flesh is an excellent novel with an intriguing twist. I can’t wait for Caridad Piñero’s next release in this series.

The Book

Forever / Grand Central Publishing / Hachette
November 2009
0446543837 / 978-0446543835
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
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NOTE: NY Times and USA Today Best Selling Author

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Linda Morelli
Reviewed 2010
NOTE: Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award-winning author of Lani's Challenge, Shadow of Doubt and Fiery Surrender.
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