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Stronger Than Sin
Second in the "Sin" series

By Caridad Piñeiro

Dr. Liliana Carrera nearly lost her life to the Wardwell scientists who value human life on the level of test animals in their efforts to form a genetically-mutated human army. Liliana successfully saved one escaped patient and has dedicated her life to saving as many Wardwell test subjects as possible. And those scientists are out to get even…no matter what it takes.

Jesse Bradford is an NFL receiver who suffered a paralyzing injury and was willing to submit to an experiment to walk again. When an FBI agent brings Jesse to Liliana for treatment, she is suspicious, but agrees to help, for the animal DNA the scientists implanted in Jesse causes his body to replace skin with bone. That bone is slowly forming an outer skeleton, a process that is out of control and will lead to his death if not treated.

Liliana immediately shows warmth, compassion and understanding as she treats Jesse, who is not used to such kindness. But Liliana doesn’t know that the Wardwell scientists are using Jesse’s sister to blackmail him into discovering and stealing Liliana’s secrets. As fate would have it, Liliana and Jesse fall in love, leaving Jesse with an impossible choice between saving his sister -- or the woman he has come to love. No matter which one he chooses, the other will surely die.

Stronger Than Sin is an exciting, mesmerizing paranormal romance with a solid plot and a race against time that provides edge of your seat suspense. I loved Caridad Piñeiro’s Sins of the Flesh, and this follow-up doesn’t disappoint. I adored each sensitive, sexy scene revealing the growing love between Liliana and Jesse and the race to save Jesse is exciting. The relationship between him and Liliana reveals a range of human emotions that made each scene sizzle and, as usual, it was easy to get totally engrossed in the plot. Although this the second in her “Sin” series, Stronger Than Sin can stand alone as a book that will keep you reading well into the night and longing for more after you finish the last page.

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Forever - Hatchette
November 1, 2010
Mass Market Paperback
0446543845; 978-0446543842
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
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NOTE: NY Times and USA Today Best Selling

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Linda Morelli
Reviewed 2010
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