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To Sin With a Scoundrel
Circle of Sin Trilogy

by Cara Elliott


Lady Ciara Sheffield loves her eight-year-old son, Peregrine, and chemistry. A young widow, she is a member of the Circle of Scientific Sibyls, a small group of women who share an interest in scientific pursuits. Although the inquest into Ciara’s husband’s death revealed no foul play, her in-laws spread rumors claiming Ciara is an unfit mother who used her knowledge of chemistry to kill her husband. Their goal, of course, is to obtain guardianship of her son and ultimately gain access to Ciara’s and her son’s inheritances. Ciara’s friends suggest she obtain a temporary fiancé—one with sufficient status with the Ton to squash the lies and innuendos. The most eligible person for the charade is Lucas Bingham, the Earl of Hadley, but one glance at the man leaves Ciara certain that he is a dangerous devil.

Lucas "Mad Bad Had-ley" Bingham has a reputation that tantalizes the Ton daily as they read of his latest escapades. The only thing Lucas fears is disappointing his beloved uncle, Henry Phelps. Uncle Henry is a scholar confined to a wheelchair. He recently discovered a manuscript inside an old bible, written in Greek and possibly attributable to Hippocrates. Henry asks Lucas to seek out Lady Sheffield, a woman Henry considers to be a brilliant scientist and the only person he trusts to translate the ancient manuscript. Lucas grudgingly complies, especially when he learns Ciara is as beautiful as she is intelligent.

The pact Ciara and Lucas forge benefits them both and slowly love blossoms, but when accidents start to occur, Lucas realizes Ciara and her endearing son are in danger and he resolves to protect them, no matter the cost.

Cara Elliott has written a novel with wonderful characters and a tense, intriguing plot. The reserved, scientific-minded Ciara is caring and uses her knowledge to help heal others. Lucas is a devil-may-care tease whose sensual remarks would titillate any reader. The exchanges between him and Ciara spark with energy and emotion, and it is sheer pleasure to watch the growing relationship that develops between them.

To Sin With a Scoundrel is an absolute joy, an enchanting story to be savored and re-read over and over.

The Book

Forever (Hachette)
March 1, 2010
Mass Market Paperback
044654129X / 978-0446541299
Historical Romance / Regency England
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Linda Morelli
Reviewed 2010
NOTE: Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award-winning author of Lani's Challenge, Shadow of Doubt and Fiery Surrender.
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