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The Viking Takes A Knight

By Sandra Hill

Ingrith is a Viking princess who runs an orphanage. She rescues children from bad situations. One of those children happens to be the by-blow of the current king from one of his many dalliances. Unfortunately that puts the child in danger because he is thought to be a threat to the crown. To make matters worse, one of the king’s high ranking soldiers, a crude Saxon commander, has taken a liking to Ingrith and is set on having her. Ingrith decides to take the children and go into hiding for a time until things calm down.

Ingrith goes to a longtime friend, Eadyth of Ravenshire, and asks for shelter. Lady Eadyth instructs Ingrith to take the children and go to her son's estate and stay there. He will be glad to have them she is told. So off she goes to John of Hawk's Lair to find shelter and protection. Although she had known John's family for years, she was still not prepared for the reception and happenings that she encountered.

Even though he is a knight in the king's service, John of Hawk's Lair longs only for peace and quiet to work his experiments with his bees and honey. Along comes this over-bold Viking princess and her brood of orphans and turns his world upside down; not to mention his kitchen with all her food experiments.

She wants him, he wants her, and he swears never to marry or father any children due to his inherited bad blood from his father. Despite the fact that she is 31 and never expects to marry, Ingrith wants to experience the pleasures between a man and a woman for the first time. Once she makes up her mind that she wants John of Hawk's Lair, she begins to work her woman's plan on him. He is attracted to her but swears not to let her break his resolve. How long can he hold out? Will he be able to continue his fight against his growing want and need for her? Only time will tell. And to top it off, that high-ranking, crude Saxon commander is on his way to Hawk's Lair. He wants Ingrith and he wants Henry, the king's by-blow. So, will John play the love interest for Ingrith like his mother suggested to head off the Saxon commander? He is convinced that his mother set this up on purpose. Perhaps she did.

Sandra Hill is amazing with this book. It's witty, it's funny, and I kept startling my family every time I broke out laughing. I couldn't put it down. It's the kind of romance everyone loves to read. I will definitely be reading more Sandra Hill.

The Book

Avon Books / HarperCollins
August 31, 2010
Historical Romance / 970 Northumbria
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Linda Young
Reviewed 2010
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