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Black Ties and Lullabies
Jane Graves

Forever/Hachette Book Group
June 28, 2011 / ISBN 978-0446568470
Contemporary Romance

Review 2

Reviewed by Bob Walch

“She took him by the shoulders, spun him around ninety degrees, drove her hip into his, and flipped him onto his ten-thousand-dollar Persian rug. Before he could recover, she was on her knees beside him, her hand wrapped around his throat.”

It appears that this relationship has hit a dead end. But appearances can be deceiving and when her boss next asks, “Does this mean sex is off the table?” Bernadette Hogan gives him the answer he wants to hear.

From this point on it gets complicated. Bernadette’s job is to protect a self-made millionaire who also happens to be one of Texas’s most eligible and infuriating bachelors. After their little “indiscretion” Bernadette finds herself not only confused and intrigued by their evening of passion but also pregnant.

But she’s not the only one trying to assess what just happened. Although Jeremy enjoys playing the field and has never considering settling down with one woman that’s about to change. Bernadette not only has many qualities that intrigue her boss but she’s going to make him a father as well.

Is the fiercely independent woman willing to tie the knot and make this playboy a respectable married man? Not necessarily. Jeremy will have to convince his bodyguard that he’s ready and willing to give up partying for being a loving husband and dependable dad. That’s a pretty tall order and perhaps it’s a little bit beyond his reach!

A quick read that offers a few laughs this novel offers a nice diversion from some of the more depressing and violent fiction available today. After authoring 17 contemporary romances Jane Graves not only has the formula down pat but she knows how to make her audience feel good about her stories and characters.

Reviewed 2011
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