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Changeling Moon
Changeling Series, No 1
Dani Harper

Brava Books / Kensington Publishing Corp.
June 1, 2011 /ISBN 978-0-7582-6514-2
Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by Linda Young

Zoey had moved from the big city to the small town of Dunvegan to take over the editor’s job at the Dunvegan Harold Weekly. It was late at night and she had just come out of the city council meeting and was headed to her car. As she was trying to get out her keys, she hears the low growl. As she turns around she sees what looks like a giant wolf with glowing eyes. She makes it onto the hood of her Bronco and then onto the roof, but not before the wolf chomps down on her ankle.

Dr. Connor Macleod, the local veterinarian, was driving through town when he sees a woman on top of her SUV and a wolf trying to get at her. When the wolf sees Connor it takes off. Connor manages to get the woman on the ground and into his truck and turns the heater on. She is practically frozen from the freezing rain falling outside. Why does he feel such a strong pull to her? Why does his inner wolf feel so out of control around her? And above all, why was that Changeling wolf trying to kill a human?

Dani Harper is a new author with a great new series of shape-shifters known as Changelings. Changeling Moon is the first in this series. It grabs you from the first paragraph and doesn’t let you go till the end. It’s packed full of action, hot romance, hot sex, and a great story. You won’t be disappointed with this choice. I loved it from beginning to end. The second in the series is Changeling Dream, due to release a month after this one. I can’t wait to read it, too.

Changeling Series

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Reviewer's Note: Some strong language and sexual content
Reviewed 2011
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