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Deadly Heat
The Deadly Series, Book 2
Cynthia Eden

Forever (Hachette Book Group)
February 1, 2011 / ISBN 9780446559263
Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by Linda Morelli

Lora Spade is a firefighter, and a damn good one at that. She’s convinced that the city has a serial arsonist who is intent on killing at least one victim at every fire he sets – and those fires are becoming more frequent. She hates to fail, hates to discover that the latest fire left yet another victim. After one of her partners dies during a rescue attempt, she calls a contact at the Serial Services Division of the FBI and requests help in tracking down the arsonist, a person she is convinced is a serial killer as well.

Special Agent Kenton Lake arrives at one of the fires set by the arsonist and realizes that someone is trapped in the burning building. He tries to enter that building to save that person, only to be forcibly yanked out by a firefighter; one he discovers is not only a female, Lori Spade, but the very person who is responsible for setting his investigation of the serial murderer into motion.

All too soon, Lora and Kenton’s desire to find and stop the arsonist is joined by a more personal desire, for their mutual attraction is immediate and strong. And Kenton becomes determined to end the arsonist’s deadly game, especially when Lora becomes the murderer’s next target.

Deadly Heat has a fast-paced plot, sexy characters, excellent writing and non-stop edge-of-the-seat action that kept me riveted until the very end. I loved the strength and determination of the two lead characters, Lora and Kenton. Their immediate conflict and sexual attraction made this a hot and delightfully sensual read. Cynthia Eden has a way with words that evokes emotion and involvement in the reader and I, for one, will watch out for more releases by this outstanding author. I loved this sexy, hot and immensely pleasurable read! It simply sizzles.

Reviewer's Note: Book One: Deadly Lies

Reviewed 2011
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