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The Echo of Violence
Jordan Dane

August 31, 2010/ ISBN 9780061474149
Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by Jen Oliver

Terrorists attack a missionary school and Sentinels’ agent Alexa Marlowe is forced to go after the terrorists. When Alexa gets the assignment, she learns that she is also being forced to work with someone from her past. Jackson Kincaid has a dark past and witnessed the terrorists’ attack. He is determined to go after the terrorists because of who they attacked. He has been known to sell his services to anyone willing to pay for them and does not care who gets in his way. Will Alexa and Jackson be able to work together after all of these years and rumors?

The characterization of Alexa and Jackson are simple and enjoyable. Readers will appreciate the connection that they have based on their past and how they manage to put aside their differences to work together. Jackson’s dark past is crucial and allows for readers to continue reading to find out exactly what Jackson’s story is about. The suspense of the terrorists is good, especially since people are still concerned that another 9/11 will happen. The setting of the terrorists’ homeland is a backdrop and the story could take place anywhere.

Reviewed 2011
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