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Edge of Sight
The Guardian Angelinos
Roxanne St. Claire

November 2010 / ISBN 978-0-446-56658-2
Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by Leslie Halpern

Waitress Samantha Fairchild looks to the near future when she can leave her restaurant job and begin studying law at Harvard University. Her well-laid plans seem on the verge of collapsing altogether when she witnesses a murder at the restaurant and, in turn, becomes the killer’s new target. Desperate for help when the police won’t take her seriously, she sends a text message to her old friend, Vivi Angelino, an investigative reporter who texts back a response to come over right away.

To her surprise, Vivi’s brother, Zach, is waiting for her instead. Samantha’s painful fling with Zach a few years ago is still fresh in her memory – almost as fresh as the hideous scars marring his once-handsome face since his return from working in the Special Forces. Coming to terms with how their relationship ended so abruptly, how Zach’s appearance changed so drastically, and how Samantha landed in so much trouble, has them at each other’s throats until Vivi steps in and urges them to work together. In fact, Vivi agrees to work with her brother guarding Samantha as the first job for her new security company, The Guardian Angelinos.

Although being thrown together for extended periods of time in intimate quarters with her old lover does have its advantages, Samantha fears getting hurt by Zach again almost as much as she fears the mysterious killer out to get her. Even so, they dodge bullets, link clues, and find time to explore the possibilities of a new, improved relationship.

In Edge of Sight, Roxanne St. Claire presents an intricate story full of robust characters, exciting action, and seductive romance. Samantha and Zach make an interesting couple and readers can’t help but hope things will work out well for them. The story winds its way through different people and places until it arrives at an unexpected, though thoroughly satisfying, destination.

Reviewer's Note: Violence, Sexuality, Profanity

Reviewed 2011
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