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The First Love Cookie Club
Twilight, Texas Series, No 3
Lori Wilde

Avon / Harpercollins
November 2010 / ISBN 978-0061988424
Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Linda Morelli

Sarah Collier writes as Sadie Cool, a well-known children’s author living in New York. When her agent hands Sarah a letter from a sick little girl in Twilight, Texas, named Jazzy, asking to meet Sadie Cool before she dies, Sarah can’t refuse. Twilight is where Sarah spent her holidays and summers as a child, living with her Grandmother Mia who told her the town’s secret: if she sleeps with kismet cookies under her pillow, she will dream of her true love. For seven years, Sarah dreams of her neighbor’s son, Travis Walker, until the Christmas Day Sarah learns that Travis is getting married. Frantic, she runs down the aisle of the church to tell Travis he can’t marry: she’s his one true love. Now she wants to forget the most embarrassing moment of her life.

Travis is now a single parent whose wife deserted him and their daughter, Jazzy, because she couldn’t handle their daughter’s severe illness. Travis has only one desire: to keep Jazzy healthy and happy.

When he meets Sadie Cool and realizes she is Sarah Collier, the charming but chubby teenager turned attractive and sexy author, Travis decides to pursue her. Sarah only wants to keep their relationship on an even keel, but the fragile Jazzy sweeps into her heart, along with her father. Sarah realizes that her grandmother was right: Travis really is her one true love, but will life give them a second chance?

Lori Wilde’s The First Love Cookie Club is a sensitive, well-written story of a father’s love for his ill daughter and his desire to give her the best he can for as long as he can. Sarah is a beautiful character, one who hid her painful disappointments with love in reading as a child and - as a woman - as a writer hoping to provide happiness to others. I felt her pain, sympathized with Travis, and fell totally in love with Jazzy. The First Love Cookie Club is a timeless, delightful romance, one dealing with tender emotions and the fulfillment of dreams. It that had me reaching for tissues and smiling at the same time.

Reviewer's Note: Christmas Holiday reading

Reviewed 2011
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