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Hungry For You
An Argeneau Novel, No. 14
Lynsay Sands

Avon / HarperCollins
November 30, 2010 / ISBN 978-0-06-189457-2
Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by Linda Young

Cale Valens is a successful businessman and an ancient immortal from the Argeneau clan. Cale has pretty much given up on any chance of finding a life mate. Upon receiving a request from his aunt Marguerite, Cale makes the trip to Canada to visit and meet the woman that his aunt is positive will be his life mate. Cale is ready for change. He was about to start looking for another business to add to what he already has. He’s at a point he could let his managers take over running the current ones. He needs a new challenge.

He shows up on the doorstep of friends of his aunt. These are the people who are supposed to introduce Cale to his prospective life mate. He meets Sam, the woman's sister, Bricker, and Mortimer, Sam's life mate. Sam is so excited she calls her sister to get her to come over and meet Cale. Not happening! Alex is a chef, owns her own restaurant, is about to open her second, and her head chef just quit right before they are about to start the dinner service.

Alex is independent, a great chef, has a successful business, and feels like she has a black cloud of bad luck hanging over her. She is preparing the new restaurant for its grand opening and everything is going wrong. Wrong carpet, wrong paint, even a fire early on. What else could happen? Now her sister, Sam, is trying to get her to leave to go meet some guy. So what does Sam do? She tells Alex that the guy is a chef and she's sending him over.

Cale is shocked at what Sam told her sister. He doesn't cook! He doesn't even eat human food! Bricker volunteers to go along to help. And now the fiasco begins. Follow the adventures of Cale learning to cook while everyone’s trying to help him win over his life mate. At the same time, he must try to find a way to gracefully tell Alex what, and who, he really is.

This appears to be book 14 in the Argeneau series. This is my first Sands book. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series. I love the humor and Sands’ writing style. I was laughing all the way through the book. The story is full of laughter, romance, and some drama mixed in. Even though this book is listed as fiction, I really feel that it should be labeled paranormal romance. It's a great love story mixed with the paranormal aspect with the immortals and their abilities. I truly believe that Avon does this book a disservice by labeling it just plain fiction. It is so much more than that. Anyone who enjoys a good romance will love this story. I give it two thumbs up. Way to go Sands!

Reviewer's Note: Sexual Content

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