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Kiss Me, Kill Me
Lucy Kincaid series #2
Allison Brennan

February 22, 2011 / ISBN 9780345511690
Romantic suspense

Reviewed by Bob Walch

An intended rape victim who managed to kill her attacker, Lucy Kincaid brings more than just her exceptional cyber-hunting skills to the investigation her boyfriend, security expert Sean Rogan, is conducting for a missing teenage girl.

Not only does the missing teen have a penchant for disappearing, but she also hangs around people and goes to places which certainly place her in jeopardy.

FBI agent Suzanne Madeaux is also looking for someone – a serial killer dubbed the Cinderella Strangler. This psychopath frequents underground sex parties where young women make easy victims.

As these two investigations converge, both Lucy and Suzanne begin to focus on the same remorseless killer. Perhaps she should step aside and let the professional handle this dangerous case, but the memory of her harrowing experience is still so fresh that Lucy is determined not to back off.

A real nail biter, “Kiss Me, Kill Me” has all the elements of a romantic suspense story. The action is intense and the multifaceted, sexy characters are as likeable as they are credible. Allison Brennan knows how to spin a riveting story that keeps her fans coming back for more year after year.

Lucy Kincaid Series

Kiss Me, Kill Me #2
Dead Heat #8

Reviewed 2011
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