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My Immortal Assassin
My Immortal series, book 3
Carolyn Jewel

Forever/Hachette Book Group
January 1, 2011/ ISBN 0446563862
Paranormal romance

Reviewed by Linda Morelli

Anna Grayson Spenser, who goes by Gray, fell in love with Tigran, a demon who returned her love. But when Tigran’s mage (sorcerer) Christophe dit Menart kills Tigran, the dying demon sends his magic flowing into Gray, transforming her from humankind to magekind. Now that she has become a witch, Gray wants to even the score with Christophe for killing Tigran and destroying her sister. But first she must learn to use the magic she’s inherited – newfound and uncontrolled skills that leave moving marks on her body and emotions churning far too close to the surface for comfort.

Durian is a demon assassin who serves the warlord Nikodemus and has sworn to protect all mages. When he is sent after Gray to prevent another attack on Christophe, he realizes that Gray is innocent of Tigran’s death. Durian admires Gray’s self-control and inwardly agrees that Christophe must be destroyed, and when Gray seeks refuge with Nikodemus, Durian offers to teach Gray how to use the magic that has transformed her. But he has one stipulation: she must bond with him. Gray is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to achieve her goal.

My Immoral Assassin by Carolyn Jewel is an action-packed, fast paced paranormal romance filled with suspense and many surprises. I loved the sensitive way the author portrayed Gray and Durian’s slow realization of their growing love, and the forging of the bond between them that exceeds one of mere human existence. Though I don’t normally read novels about demons and witchcraft, the author’s solid plot and richly formulated characters’ emotions – not to mention steamy sex scenes – kept me entranced until the very end. Although this is the third release in Jewel’s “My Immortal Series,” this novel can stand on its own merit as an exciting and highly sensual read.

Reviewer's Note: Sexuality, violence

Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels, an artist and jewelry designer.

Reviewed 2011
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