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The Spymaster's Lady
Spymaster series, Book 2
Joanna Bourne
Read by Kristen Potter

Penguin Audio
November 1, 2010/ ISBN
Historical Romance / England and France / 1802

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

The Spymaster's Lady is about two spies working to outwit and out survive -- each other. Robert Grey is a British spy, and the sexy Annique Villiers is a French spy - and his cellmate. When Robert gives her the third degree about knocking out a guard, she refers to him as a spymaster. Annique is trying to escape alone but ends up Robert's captive. Annique has the Albion papers, and England needs them in order to stop the Napoleon invasion. Annique is known as the Fox Cub, trained by one of the best and recently deceased French spies. She begins to question which side she's on when it comes to invading another country and being responsible for so many deaths. But she doesn't relent and doesn't hand over the plans... She does react to her attraction to Robert and things get HOT.

Robert may be in control of his current job, but not his attraction of the Fox Cub. Robert works hard to stay in character; sometimes until it's tiring. Annique pulls out all her characters, but considering how she is physically described, naive virgin isn't one of them.

The romance is racy, but actually secondary to the job of spying -- it's pretty thorough and quite interesting. With all that being said, I think The Spymaster's Lady is definitely one of the better historical romances of the year.

The audio version is a steamy, captivating listen. Don't miss it.

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Reviewed 2011
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