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Too Wicked to Love
Brides of Nevarton Chase Series - Book 2

Debra Mullins

Avon Books
May 31, 2011/ ISBN 978-0061882500
Historical Romance, 1876 London

Reviewed by Linda Morelli

John Ready is a duke who fled to America to escape punishment for a crime he did not commit. He returns to London, posing as a coachman for his friend Samuel Breedlove, who is getting married. Before Samuel leaves on his honeymoon, he asks John to protect Annabelle Bailey, a young American heiress who is being pursued by an evil man, as well as Lady Genevieve Wallington-Willis, Samuel’s new sister-in-law. It’s a responsibility John takes seriously. Then John learns of his father’s death. When he visits his mother, John receives hope that he can finally prove his innocence.

Genny is quite perceptive and suspects John is not what he seems, but she has a right to be suspicious of men. A suitor used her as a means to ingratiate himself with her father – an admiral – a fact she discovered only after she had given herself to him. She initially mistrusts John, as she does other men, but she soon learns that her perceptions are in error. She realizes that there’s more depth to John and that their attraction is mutual. Aware her opportunities for marriage are few due to her past indiscretion, she hopes to lure John into proposing marriage. But John will do anything to keep her safe, even deny his feelings for her.

Too Wicked to Love is a wonderful romantic mystery that drew me deeper into the plot with each turned page. The main characters, John and Genny, have secrets they each wish to hide, yet their growing awareness and trust cuts chinks in their protective façades. Their growing respect allows their mutual sexual attraction to build. The underlying mystery takes second place to the passionate romance, but I scarcely noticed. I was too busy tingling with anticipation, waiting for the next arousing, believable encounter between the hero and heroine, and too deeply engrossed in the outstanding and enticing plot. Though this is Debra Mullins’ second release in the series, Too Wicked to Love stands on its own merit. It’s a book I’ll savor and read over and over again.

Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2011
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