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When Beauty Tamed the Beast
Eloisa James

Avon Books / HarperCollins Publishers
January 25, 2011/ ISBN 978-0-06-202127-4
Historical Romance / early 1800’s

Reviewed by Linda Young

Thanks to the misinterpretations of the ton gossips, Miss Linnet Trynne has been dropped by the prince and the entire ton. Now what is she going to do? First she has to convince her father and aunt that the rumors are false. Then what?

Thanks to her aunt, Linnet ends up being betrothed to an earl. His father, the duke, comes to escort her to her new home. Everyone who has heard of the earl knows that he is called the beast. Rumor has it that a wound has left him immune to the charms of a woman and that his temper scalds everyone he meets. He lives in a castle in Wales. What has she got to lose? The ton gossips have ruined her.

Piers Yelverton, Earl of Marchant, is a grumpy, mean tempered, ill-mannered doctor. He has no use for his father whom he hasn’t seen in over twelve years. Nor the bride his father has brought him. He has no intention of getting married, especially to any woman chosen by his father. However, he admits that she is more beautiful that anything he could have imagined. He is drawn by her wit and her sarcasm. She’s intelligent and doesn’t seem squeamish around his patients, and is even trying to change the way the patients are handled. He’s got to send her packing.

Eloisa James has outdone herself with this one. I couldn’t put it down from start to finish. One of the things that made this such a fun book was the fact that Piers, the Earl, was fashioned after the infamous Dr. House, M.D. shown on the FOX network. Believe me when I say Dr. House would be proud of Piers. Miss Linnet keeps right up with Piers. She is the positive side of Piers. Neither one will admit to the other that they have feelings for each other. They both agree with the other that they are not suited but keep delaying putting an end to the engagement. Anyone with a sense of humor will enjoy this book. It’s fun and full of romance and a couple surprises. I highly recommend this book.


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Reviewed 2011
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