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Wicked Delights of a Bridal Bed
The Byrons of Braebouren Series, No 4
Tracy Anne Warren

September 2010 / ISBN 9780061673443
Historical Romance / England 1812

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Lady Mallory Byron mourns for her fiancé who was killed in battle in the Napoleonic War more than a year ago. She has nightmares about his death on the battlefield. Her childhood friend, Adam, the Earl of Gresham, is attending a family party at the Byron estate. Hearing Mallory's cries in a nightmare he goes to her room to comfort her. Being tired he falls asleep while comforting her. Her brother finds him and does not understand their innocence. To prevent a duel with her brother Mallory accepts Adam's proposal.

Adam has always been in love with Mallory but felt the age difference was a problem. Now married, he must convince her that his love is a true feeling and intends to persuade her to let go of the feelings for her dead fiancé. She must move on to become her old self and stop mourning. He continues to court her and make her love him.

This is a delightful story of friends who become lovers. The characters are engaging and true to life. The author has evoked a sense of time and place. There are some hot and smoldering love scenes to add spice to the story. A very enjoyable book to help chase the hours away.

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Reviewer's Note: some explicit love scenes

Reviewed 2011
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