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The Fire King
A Dirk & Steele Novel, No 9
Marjorie M. Liu

Avon Books / HarperCollins Publishers
July 26, 2011 / ISBN: 978-0-06-201986-8
Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by Linda Young

"Long ago, shape-shifters reigned as gods. But even gods have laws that they break at their own peril."

Every member of Dirk & Steele has special abilities. Soria's is the gift of communication. That is why she was chosen to be brought in to learn the language of the tormented warrior that was resurrected after thousands of years of icy cold sleep. She is desperate to learn more about who he is and what he is. Her curiosity leads her on a journey that entails a war that has lasted thousands of years. It also sparks a fire within her that she didn't know existed.

Karr was once a king, quick and deadly as a serpent and as strong as a lion. He had watched as everything he loved was consumed by fire. Death would be his salvation and the only way for him to escape the pain and heartache that he felt. However, thousands of years later he is awakened against his will and meets a human that stirs him in ways he doesn't understand or desire. But this human can see past his rage and only she can speak his language and with words that will cool the destructive fury in his soul.

Soria must find a way to return him to his own and give him a chance to accept his new world and show him the power of love. But the danger that follows them is determined to destroy them both. Those pursuing Soria and Karr see him as a monster that must be vanquished. Is Soria's love enough to save Karr, or will she be the cause of his death and hers?

Liu never fails to catch my attention from the start with her books. This time she takes you to the mountains and deserts of the east. Soria is unique in different ways. I won't say how because I don't want to ruin the surprise. Karr has his own uniqueness. He's a shifter of a different kind. The relationship between the two is one that will keep you reading into the night.The fear and lack of trust must be built upon. In the midst of all the travel and battles it keeps you turning the pages. I loved this story. It is another great story in the Dirk & Steele series. I can't wait for more.

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Reviewer's Note: Language and sexual content
Reviewed 2012