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Waking Up with the Duke
London's Greatest Lovers series Book 3
Lorraine Heath

Avon Books / HarperCollins Publishers
June 28, 2011 / ISBN: 978-0-06-202245-5
Historical Romance / England 1860

Reviewed by Linda Young

Ransom Seymour, Duke of Ainsley, is renowned for his bedroom prowess. He owes a debt to his best friend and cousin, Walfort. But when he hears how Walfort wants that debt repaid, Ainsley is in shock. Due to an accident a few years ago, Walfort is unable to give his wife the one thing she wants more than anything: a child. Now Walfort wants Ainsley to give her that child. Because they are cousins, the child would be of the same family bloodline.

When Lady Jayne learns of the scandalous agreement that her husband has made with Ainsley, she is furious. She hates Ainsley and blames him for the accident that crippled her husband. But when she realizes how important it is to her husband, and how bad she wants a child of her own, she finally agrees to go along with it.

What neither of them was counting on was the passion that would grow between them. As Lady Jane learned more about the Duke, she began falling in love with him. The Duke fought his feelings for Lady Jane, because he knew he could never have her or be a part of the child's life that they were creating. But when things happen and secrets are revealed, how will they survive the aftermath?

Heath has outdone herself with this one. It has been a long while since I was so emotionally connected to a book. It makes you want to cry for both Lady Jane and the Duke. The emotions run high, and there are plenty of surprises in the end. This is a must read.

Reviewer's Note: Language and sexual content
Reviewed 2012
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