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Midnight Secrets
The Wildefire Series, Book 1
Ella Grace

Ballantine Books
April 30, 2013 / ISBN 9780345538369

Reviewed by Linda Morelli

Midnight Secrets starts eighteen years earlier with the murder of Beckett and Maggie Wilde, who leave behind triplet daughters Savannah, Samantha and Sabrina, age 10. Right off the bat, I knew there's a mystery to be solved: Who killed Maggie and Beckett Wilde? And why?

Eight years later, the three teens are being cared for by their grandfather, a widower. When Zach Tanner, the "bad boy" of Midnight, saves Savannah from rape during the senior prom, he becomes Savannah's hero. Despite his reputation, she sees the brave and good man behind his façade.

Zach has spent years supporting his mother and younger brother Josh, but now that Josh is older and his mother has remarried, Zach decides to join the army. Though he and Savannah fall in love, he disappears suddenly, leaving Savannah hurt.

Now Savannah is an Assistant District Attorney in Nashville, Tennessee. When her boss learns of threats made against her, he orders Savannah to take a two-month leave. She returns to Midnight to pack up and sell the family home, but soon learns that Zach is the new Chief of Police. All the past hurt and love resurfaces when they meet. These emotions - plus a solid mystery - made this book a pleasure to read.

Zach and Savannah are initially wary of each other, unable to accept the love that lingers between them. I savored the slow rekindling of their trust and love, the secrets which are slowly revealed as Zach helps Savannah solve the mystery behind her parents' deaths, while keeping her safe from harm.

Midnight Secrets
is an excellent, spellbinding read - a solid romance and tight mystery. I eagerly await the next release in the series.

Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2013