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A Madcap Regency Romance
Anya Wylde

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January 2013 / ASIN: B00B1XVBI0
Historical Romance

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Miss Penelope Fairweather is on her way to London from the little town of Finnshire.  It seems the Dowager Radclyff went to school with Penelope’s late mother.  The Dowager is offering Penelope a season among the ton to find a husband and wed.  Penelope arrives after surviving being held up on the road up by none other than highway robber - The Falcon. He is after what is in her trunks.  Penelope scolds him and what happens next is just unheard of – The Falcon locks the trunks and escorts her to town.  He and his gang are now protecting Penelope from that evil robber The Cobra! 

Penelop finally arrives at Blackthorne mansion, dripping wet with her goat Lady Bathsheba in tow.  The ladies of the household do not know what to make of her.  An appearance by the Duke of Blackthorne leads to his telling Penelope to pack her bags and her goat and leave immediately.  This will be terrible for Penelope. Her stepmother warned her not to come back.  There is no money as Penelope’s father has squandered it away.  Furthermore, if Penelope returns she will be married off to the ancient Lord Weevil.  This does not sit well with Penelope especially since she punched him in his good eye on the way to town. 

Things to ponder:  Will the Duke of Blackthorne really send Penelope home? What is the Dowager’s secret weapon? Will Penelope make a good match? What’s with all the fake mustaches? 

This was such a fun read.  Any book that has a goat named Lady Bathsheba in it has to be good.  
Anya Wylde has taken me on a humorous romp through a London Season.  Make sure you have enough time to read this book because once you start reading it – you will not want to stop.  I see some sleepless nights ahead for some. I can’t wait to read whatever Anya Wylde dreams up next.  

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Reviewed 2013