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A Police Action
AA Freda

Dorrance Publishing Co.
October 31, 2017/ ISBN

Reviewed by Beth Lytle


A Police Action is well-written and historically accurate. Set in the 1960s, it's a story that touches the heart while portraying the harsh reality of the Vietnam war. For Samantha Powers and James Coppi, it was love at first sight. Although Samantha is pregnant with someone else's child and James is heading off to war, their love story begins with a chance encounter.

Romance, war, sadness, reality--this story has it all! This is a very interesting read set in a time of American history that isn't remembered nearly enough. What will happen after James is deployed? What will come to pass? Readers can get lost in this beautifully crafted story to find out if Samantha and James are destined for a happy ending.

Reviewed 2018