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Forgetting My Way Back To You
Karina Bartow

October 2018 / ISBN N/A

Reviewed by Emily Decobert


Have you ever wished for a second chance with your first love? Second and third chances are the theme of Forgetting My Way Back To You by Karina Bartow.

This is a modern day romance centered on risking love again and the power of love denied. At the age of 29, Charlee is still in her hometown, living a sort of half-life. She stays close to help tend to her ailing father, but it is the loss of her high school sweetheart all those years ago that keeps Charlee from moving on emotionally. She has created a loveless existence, when her former love, Hunter Jett, arrives back to town and crashes through her apathy. Strangely enough, Hunter understands how she has been suffering, he too unable to forget their youthful love.

As in all romances, the course of true love never does run smooth and this story is an emotional rollercoaster for the reader, evoking tears of sorrow and delight at the tender romance. Forgetting My Way Back To You keeps one turning the pages, caught in the drama of the lovers’ relationship, past, present, and perhaps future.

Reviewed 2018