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Kiss Kiss Bang
Iron Clad Security #3
Sidney Halston
Read by Dara Rosenberg

Macmillan Audio
December 5, 2017/ ISBN
Romance / Contemporary / Explict Sex & Language / Audiobook - 7 hours/25 minutes

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Come on, who’d believe a woman in sweats and flip-flops sporting a messy bun while standing in a computer store, hoping to get her laptop fixed, is running for governor? And who’d believe a tall, handsome former Marine Major would just happen by to save the day? Anyone who listens to the audio version of Kiss, Kiss, Bang narrated by Dara Rosenberg, that’s who. It’s quite the steamy listen.

Josef "Joey" Clad is an ex-marine and current co-owner of Iron-Clad securities. The former Marine Major steps between Olivia Russo and the paparazzi taking her picture. Joey gives Olivia his card and offers to fix her Laptop. She takes all the precautions and follows him to his office. Olivia discovers there’s more to Joey than good looks. He’s intelligent, friendly, sexy and trustworthy, but right now she has a governor’s race to win. Olivia is a widow with a daughter named Sophie. When Joey and Olivia meet up again, their relationship heats up and so does the political stakes. Olivia ends up dealing with a hacker, bad press, and more. Joey is concerned Olivia’s bodyguard isn’t doing his job. Joey pulls double duty, watching Oliva’s back and helping with the campaign. He also has his employees keep tabs on Oliva.

Kiss, Kiss, Bang is a politically-charged romance starring a lively heroine and a protective hero. The relationship between Joey and Olivia and the campaign sabotage is enough to keep the pages turning. It’s well-written and has plenty of naughty love scenes and language.

Reviewed 2018