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A Marriage of Convenience
A Regency Romance
Janet Woods

Severn House
28 February 2018 / US: 1 June 2018 / ISBN 9780727887801
Romance //Historical

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


1815: Grace Ellis has been working as companion for Lady Florence, but now Lady Florence has died. The servants are all getting small legacies, but Grace’s inheritance is somewhat different. She will only inherit if she weds her former employer’s nephew, an elderly brigadier with a dodgy reputation. Grace’s doctor father has left her penniless through his own profligate ways, so she must either find work or marry. Maybe she could do the accounts for Dominic LeSayres, who has come to help get the house ready for the new owner.

This author consistently comes up with entertaining Regency romances that are filled with incident, and this is a good example of them. There is plenty of romance as Grace and Dominic fall for each other, but also a fair bit of adventure. To say too much would spoil the plot, but Grace gets into a fair number of scrapes and has to work out whom she can trust. The two protagonists are likeable characters and although Grace does do a couple of silly things, Dominic is not too much of an overbearing alpha male, which pleased this reader. All this keeps the story rolling along nicely, although unlike the Regencies set in London, there is not much period detail, and without the date it would not be easy to guess exactly when it was set. However, as this is a romance (and adventure) rather than a straight historical novel, it ticks most of the boxes and is a good page turner.

Reviewed 2018