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Mary Poser
Butterflies and white lies as Bollywood comes to Nashville
Angel A (Angelique Bonocoeur)

Angel’s Leap (Independent Book Publishers Association)
08/21/17/ ISBN 978-0987622228
Contemporary Romance / Mind-body-spirit

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


Mary Poser, the daughter of a pastor and an overly religious mother, has her share of conflicting emotions. Her mother expects Mary to behave according to the religious standards her mother believes in, but this strict, overbearing attitude has created problems for Mary and has even affected her siblings. Mary feels the need to be a dutiful daughter and not cause any waves.

When Mary is out with friends, she meets Simha, a handsome Hindu Indian film maker. The attraction is instantaneous for them both, and soon Mary joins Simha in taking the relationship to the next level. Their relationship, however, creates inner turmoil for Mary. She has already disappointed her mother by breaking up with her boyfriend, Jason, her brother’s best friend. While Mary’s father might be more understanding, Mary knows how her prejudiced mother would react if she knew Mary was dating someone from another culture and religion. But Mary cares deeply for Simha, believing that he reached out spiritually and saved her life when she nearly drowned. Yes, long-distance relationships don’t often survive, but love doesn’t follow strict guidelines. The result is a wonderful story that mixes love, friendship, family and even prejudice to create a truly entertaining read.

Angelique Bonocoeur, a highly talented author who writes under the penname Angel A, has written a sexy, funny and totally enchanting novel. After reading the first few pages of Mary Poser, I thought perhaps this was an inspirational novel, but the captivatingly sexy love scene between Mary and Simha quickly convinced me otherwise. I loved the way the author interlaced humor throughout the novel and made the characters come alive for me. The most delightful part was the wonderful ending, which left me with a smile and a need to read more by this delightful author.

Reviewed 2017