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Off Limits
Clare Connelly

Harlequin Dare
February 1, 2018/ ISBN 9781488082368
Contemporary Romance / Erotica

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


Gemma Picton works for self-made billionaire Jack Grant, a sexy boss she considers off limits, even though he’s hotter than a roaring fire beneath a burning desert sun. She doesn’t want the complications that marriage entails or children, especially considering her own childhood. Nor does she want or need his money for, as Lady Gemma Picton, she comes from a wealthy royal family. She also abhors her parents’ anniversary gatherings, which explains why she spends most of that gathering with her Duchess Grandmother.

But despite her best attempts, when Jack’s teasing banter becomes the real thing, he’s far too hard to resist.

Jack has had numerous one-night stands in an effort to forget the death of his wife Lucy and the life he no longer has. Jack realizes that Gemma is different than the other women he’s had. She’s efficient and darn good at her job, but more importantly, he realizes he can’t just make love to her and walk away. He wants more from her, and he’s concerned that she, in turn, will want more than he can give her. That fear escalates when Gemma makes it clear she wants to understand the ghosts that drive him.

Off Limits sizzles in all the right places, but it’s more than an erotic romance. It’s the story of two wounded people who learn to break down barriers and share the emotions that plague them. I thoroughly enjoyed the playfulness, the sexiness and that insatiable hunger that ultimately drives these two lovers together, despite the many emotional obstacles that are in their way.

Reviewer’s Notes: Off Limits is a free kindle download, and is one of four digital books being sold in a boxed set by Harlequin in their new Dare series. Considered a contemporary romance, it has more than a hint of erotica, as do each of the four Dare novels.

Reviewed 2018