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The Power Of A SEAL
West Coast Navy SEALs # 5
Anne Elizabeth

Source Books Pub
Dec 5th, 2017/ ISBN 9781492650928
Suspenseful Romance

Reviewed by Elise Cooper


Many military books have been written by and about SEALs. The Power of A Seal by Anne Elizabeth is a suspense-romance novel that highlights the SEAL community. It blends a mysterious plot, some romance, and a realistic look at those serving.

Readers gain an insight into the personality of a SEAL. They are truly the selfless warriors that do not require any accolades: humble, bold, strong, brave, with an inner calm during the missions.

Anne Elizabeth noted, “My husband Carl served in Vietnam in 1963 and 1964, part of the Underwater Demolition Team, as a swimmer scout, better known as a Navy Frogman. He then became part of SEAL Team 1 in 1965 and was deployed back to Vietnam in 1966 and 1969. He told me I could honor the community and country by writing about these dedicated men. I wanted to inform people about the challenges and to show their personal courage. In addition, I wanted to give insight into the SEAL community, respectful of our courageous souls, and to illustrate how hard and complicated dedication can be as well as how precious those peaceful moments are. There are basic facts that are true to all military life: struggles with marriage, family, relationships, money, health, and returning home.”

The Power of A Seal explores the mental anguish many who serve, go through when their bodies, either emotionally or physically, tell them it is time to look for another line of work. The hero, Leaper Lefton, after undergoing a traumatic experience, is reassigned to the BUD training program as a SEAL instructor to teach, lead, assess, evaluate, and test the trainees, making sure they have the emotional and physical skills. While on a training mission in Coronado Leaper spots a woman in danger in the middle of the ocean. After rescuing her, he finds out that Kerry Hamilton is a marine veterinarian assigned to the Marine Mammal Program that works with the Navy. She is responsible for the health and well-being of the dolphins and sea lions. After discovering a disease among the dolphins, she enlists Leaper’s help to medicate the wild dolphins and test a cure. The love story takes off from here, but readers are also treated to details about the SEAL training and the Marine Mammal Program.

Both the male and female leads are strong-willed, and according to the author, Kerry is an “alpha female. Anyone having a relationship with a SEAL needs to be their own person with their own self-expression. She is really involved in her career. My hero, Leaper, is very old-fashioned, protective, a workaholic, and very private.”

Highlighted in the book is Marine Mammal Program. Readers learn that there is a disease going through the Dolphin species and realize that wild Dolphins are not necessarily similar in personality to the TV-show mammal, Flipper. Since the program is part of the Navy both humans and the Dolphins seem to learn from each other. Dolphins have taught how to communicate through echo sound and help with detecting mines and enemy swimmers.

This novel emphasizes how the characters through their profession and relationship find that the greatest gift of all is survival, success, and finding a soul mate. The story has hope, love, family, friendships, romance, drama, and life choices.

Reviewed 2018