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Under the Table
Stephanie Evanovich

William Morrow
April 16, 2019/ ISBN 9780062415929

Reviewed by Jen Oliver


Under the Table introduces readers to Zoey Sullivan, a woman who is estranged from her husband, living with her sister, and trying to figure out her place in the world. She is also trying to establish her catering career in New York City. One of her clients, Tristan Malloy, contacts her to do a small dinner in his home. Little did either one of them realize what this dinner would do to their lives.

Stephanie Evanovich does a decent job in establishing Zoey’s character-a woman who is trying to find herself after leaving her husband, moving to a different city, and establishing a career. Tristan’s character, on the other hand, just does not work given today’s technology age plus how he obtained his millions. The setting of New York City plays such a small role that it could have taken place in any city. There ‘s so much more that could have been done with the setting of New York and with Tristan being a millionaire. The chemistry between Tristan and Zoey is strong and well established from Zoey’s side, until something happens and Tristan’s feelings are established.

Under the Table is an average romance but could work as a good beach read. It is a quick read and isn’t overwhelming like other romances. It is a fun romance that, despite the characterization flaws, still works.

Reviewed 2019