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Whispers in the Wind
Janet Woods

Severn House
1 May 2017/ ASIN: B06XWHPQ7L

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Adele Pelham and her stepdaughter have narrowly survived a boat crossing from America only to almost freeze to death in the snow. Fortunately, they are rescued and nursed back to health, although to Adele’s horror, the man who carried her through the snow is none other than the man she was supposed to marry six years ago. Ryder, Lord Madigan, has no idea why she left him at the altar only to run away with an unsuitable man, but she did, and now here she is back home as a widow. They both have secrets to hide and many obstacles to overcome before they can even be friends again.

I tend to enjoy romances more when there is something more in them than just romance, and there is mystery in here, too. Not the murder type, but certainly crime and secrets aplenty, and although it is not hard to guess the culprits or what is going on it, makes for an enjoyable read. I could at least understand why Adele acted in such a foolish way, and having the two protagonists thrown together to defeat a common foe was a good idea. This way, they got to know one another better as more mature people, and this made for more real romance than the oft-used plot of having the hero and heroine at odds with only a weak reconciliation at the end. There is plenty going on, some engaging characters, and a good feel of rural life in the early 19th century. If I hadn’t already read and enjoyed many of this author’s books I would be sure to do so on the strength of this one.

Reviewed 2017