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Wrangler's Rescue
The Montana Cahills # 6
B. J. Daniels

Nov 20, 2018/ ISBN 9781335556769
Romantic Suspense / Mystery/

Reviewed by Elise Cooper


Wrangler’s Rescue by B. J. Daniels is the last in the Montana Cahills series. It is filled with a little romance, tension, emotion, suspense, and a lot of mystery that involves betrayals, murder, and distrust. The readers try to put the pieces of the puzzle together along with the characters.

This story has a new twist as AJ, a city gal turned cowgirl, battles Juliette, a seductive sociopath black widow, while the hero is an ‘aw shucks’ type of shy quiet man.

AJ and Juliette are contrasting characters. “I wrote AJ as strong, determined, loyal, smart and independent. She will take matters into her own hands. She will not take no for an answer and follows her instincts. I am a lot like AJ, someone who relies on myself. Juliette is heartless, soulless, calculating and has the attitude it is always about her. She was poor and likes to blame others for her circumstances. Unfortunately, I have met people like that who have had a hard time in childhood and feels others should pick up the slack because life has not been fair to them. She believes in give me, give me, give me as she uses and abuses people. I loved writing her because she is so evil”

The plot has Cyrus Cahill traveling to Denver to buy a bull. Approximately a week later, his family receives a phone call that he married a total stranger, a woman he knew for only a very short time, while on a Caribbean cruise ship. This is so out of character for him since he is reserved and cautious. The bad news is that he has gone overboard and is suspected dead. His wife comes to town with a death certificate and to claim his estate including the ranch.

Another contrast is Montana versus the Caribbean. “To me, the Montana setting is one of my characters. In this book I wrote, ‘it was one of those March days when the weather didn’t seem to know what it wanted to do. This time of year, in Montana it could snow two feet just as easily as it could be sunny and warm… Everywhere there were piles of snow.’ It could even snow on the Fourth of July. One minute it snows and the next minute the sun is out. I chose the Caribbean because I needed to leave the coldness of Montana for awhile and get to somewhere warm. I wanted to travel there, even if it was in my thoughts. I also loved throwing it in as a twist.”

Only AJ won't believe he's dead. When the search is called off, she leaves for the Caribbean to find him. After searching from island to island she travels to Dominica and stays at a recovering resort that was hit by a hurricane. The man helping to rebuild the cottages, calls himself Joe, but she knows him as the man she loves, Cyrus. Realizing he has amnesia she takes things slowly. But the plot is not slow by any means and it takes off after Juliette tries numerous times to get both killed.

Although both Cyrus and AJ are attracted to each other they both appear to be hiding their feelings. Until one beautiful January day, while traveling in the mountains he was about to kiss her until his horse decided differently. AJ is now determined to find Cyrus and get that first kiss.

B.J. Daniels is a master writer who blends suspense and romance. Because of all the twists and turns readers are kept guessing about the ending. This story has a lot of intrigue and mystery with amazing characters including a tenacious villain.

Reviewed 2019