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The Cowboy’s Comeback
Montana Mavericks: What Happened Bo Beatrix Series #2
BY Melissa Senate

July 21, 2020/ ISBN 9781335894700
Western Romance

Reviewed by Elise Cooper

In The Cowboy Comeback, Amanda Jenkins and Holt Dalton's met at camp ten years ago. He was a poor 18-year-old who was only working in the kitchen of the camp because he was ordered to work there by a judge. Holt wasn't necessarily a criminal, but he did some very dumb things in his past. Amanda wasn't extremely rich by any means, but she was from a comfortable background. When camp ended, they parted. Life took them into two different directions where Amanda was leery of love, and Holt was left with a son whose Mother wanted nothing to do with the child. When they meet up again at an animal refuge/shelter they reconnected, in part because of his son. Amanda agrees to tutor him to help improve his reading. As time goes by Amanda and Holt realize that they might want to rekindle their relationship.

Senate noted, “It takes a village to raise Robbie with all of Holt’s family and Amanda. I’m touched to hear that Robbie stole the story even though he probably shouldn’t have! I felt so close to that little boy and his issues and troubles and triumphs. And I loved the idea of showing that Holt, his father, would need to actually let people close to him in order for Robbie to have the support he needed. This includes his family, even the ones Holt didn’t particularly get along with, like his father. I loved exploring how Robbie’s character helped facilitate the changes in their relationship.”

“I also wanted to point out how Robbie’s mother left when he was very young and he grew up aware that his mother wasn’t in his life. I think Holt tried to compensate for that best he could, trying to be everything to Robbie. I really loved writing his devotion to his son—letting Robbie be the whirlwind he is while giving him guidance and protecting him from his gruff grandfather and from the way Robbie felt at school with his reading level. I remember when my son was in kindergarten and first grade and wasn’t learning to read as quickly as some kids in his class; he was so aware of it—that letter on the spine that told everyone what level he was. One thing I love so much about writing fiction is that you can fix anything that bothers you, and I gave Robbie back his confidence.”

The Cowboy’s Comeback is about learning who you are and what are your strengths/weaknesses. The book’s heart is about self-acceptance and redemption and how, sometimes, the hardest person to prove everything to is yourself.

Reviewed 2020