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A Family For A Week
Dawson Family Ranch Series #3
BY Melissa Senate

June 16, 2020/ ISBN 9781335894656
Western Romance

Reviewed by Elise Cooper


In A Family For A Week, Axel Dawson, Daisy’s brother is hailed as a hero after he found the heroine, Sadie's toddler son, who wandered off in the mountains. Sadie’s family decided to have a reunion at the Dawson Family Dude Ranch. After hearing her sister is now engaged, Sadie shares the news with her great grandmother. Having misheard, she thinks it's Sadie who's now engaged to Axel, who's already made clear that he's not interested in any such commitment. Too bad Sadie's dream to find the right man for herself and her son isn't going to happen with Axel, in spite of her hopes. But having been forced together Axel might be having second thoughts.

Senate “likes writing about single moms. I’ve been a single mom since my son was 4, and he just turned 18, so it’s a world I know well! There’s just a lot to probe about both a single mom with a lot on her plate, emotionally, financially, etc., and a hero who doesn’t think he has what it takes to be a good dad. I like changing his mind.”

The reason I wrote Alex as Mcgorgeous because I used to be a big Grey’s Anatomy watcher, so I’m sure I did. I’d describe Axel as feeling like he’s between lives, not quite comfortable in his new role on the family ranch, rocked by how much this single mother and her toddler son, who thinks of him as a hero, are coming to mean to him. They completely crack open his heart and world.”

“I wrote Sadie as independent, sweet, kind, knows what she wants of life, forthright. Definitely independent, a single mother protective of her little boy and of her heart. I love how close she is with her family, the generations of strong women rallying around her.”

This is another winner for Senate.

Reviewed 2020