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Wyoming Special Delivery
Dawson Family Ranch # 2
BY Melissa Senate

Harlequin Special Edition
March 17, 2020/ ISBN 9781335894489
Romance / Mystery

Reviewed by Elise Cooper


Wyoming Special Delivery by Melissa Senate is a story about second chances. It intertwines family, forgiveness, and love, with emphasis on the role of the family.

Readers meet Daisy Dawson, who has been down on her luck. Nine months pregnant, she realizes that the man she is about to marry is a runaway groom who literally left her at the altar. Frustrated and embarrassed, she jumps into her car and throws away her cell phone to seek refuge by herself. Unfortunately, her baby has other plans. All of a sudden, in the middle of nowhere, Daisy experiences sharp labor pains. But luckily for her, someone who is staying at the Dude Ranch, Harrison McCord, drives by and can help deliver the baby boy, Tony.

“I wrote Daisy as a single mother; she had a strong support system, her brothers, and sister-in-law. She is strong, smart, independent, a straight-talker, and feels family is very important. Readers see that she is also very impulsive. I wrote in this quote by her mother, “Daisy Rae Dawson, acting first and thinking later is gonna be your downfall. The hero, Harrison, is experiencing a lot of grief, having lost his father and about to lose his aunt. I think sometimes he acts without thinking because he is carrying everything through a veil of grief.”

A few days later, he comes clean and tells Daisy and her brothers that he is the rightful heir to the Dude Ranch. It seems that ten years ago, the Dawson father lost it in a card game to Harrison’s father. Determined to get what he sees as rightfully his, Harrison expects the Dawson family to sign over the deed. Always the optimist, Daisy convinces Harrison to stay the five days he paid for and find out about her family, the family ranch, and why he should not pursue his rightful claim.

“I wanted to show the relationship as vulnerable. At first, they are Frenemies. They are adversaries one moment, and the next moment they are friendly. Unexpectedly, they fall for each other. It is the legacy of the family. It has meaning for both of them because it shows how the family is affected. It represents the past, present, and definitely the future for baby Tony.”

This is a great story about how someone who spends time together can fall in love unexpectedly. Readers will go on a journey with the hero and heroine, seeing how each is willing to open up to expose their vulnerability and honesty.

Reviewed 2020