By Liz Nickles

Avon – December 1999
ISBN: 038081076X - Paperback
Romance / Contemporary  

Reviewed by: Tracy Farnsworth, MyShelf.Com

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A book guaranteed to tug at the heart, Liz Nickles has written a poignant story that will make you laugh, cry and cause your troubles to seem small in comparison.

Nicki McBain is a twenty year old soon to be college graduate. With a promising future in law school and a job in a prestigious law firm, her life seems set.  Until she discovers she has an inoperable brain tumor and two months to live.  Faced with an untimely death, her friends take her on a cruise of the Mediterranean.

On this cruise, she meets and falls in love with a British photographer.  Now she is faced with her decision of living her life in happiness without revealing her devastating condition to her new love.

A wonderful story of the challenges of life and love and the hard blows that you sometimes have to face, be prepared to read it with Kleenex in hand.

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