By Melinda K. Rucker Haynes 

Starlight Writers Publications - Aug. 1999 
ISBN: 192903402 - eBook
Romance / Contemporary
Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Elizabeth Stanton, President of Stanton Financial is sent in to clean up her step mothers small airline business. She comes face to face with two handsome men, her step brother Corbin, who gets in the habit of taking her on some memorable rides and Jay Heath, the very handsome Chief Financial officer of the small airline. While CEO of the airline Corbin has let it sink into the red. His company thinks Elizabeth is there to help him acquire a loan. But Elizabeth and her father, also her business partner, have other plans. 

This was my first Haynes romance. I have to say it was a one sitting read. The writing is so well done that the story flowed effortlessly. I think  I enjoyed the conversations between Elizabeth and her step brother Corbin the most, but loved the story as a whole and found myself humming, "You're my favorite mis-taa-ake," as I read.  A very good passionate romance. 

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