The Dream Trilogy
By Nora Roberts
Jove Books - 1996
ISBN: 0739405276 - Hardcover
Romance / Contemporary

Reviewed by: Jen Oliver, MyShelf.Com
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 This book is the first of the "Dream" trilogy by Nora Roberts. It tells the story of woman, Margo, who is the servant of the wealthy Templetons. 

Margo has a very close friendship with Laura Templeton and her cousin Kate.  Margo is out-going one and leaves to become a model when she was 18. When her manager steals her money, Margo moves back to the Templeton house to avoid becoming bankrupt.

While Margo is back at the house, she starts her own business with Laura and Kate, and she rediscovers her feelings for Laura's older brother, Josh Templeton.  Josh also realizes his feelings for Margo and a very realistic romance develops between the two.

"Daring to Dream" is a quick and very understandable romance without any unrealistic setting or situations.

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