The Dream Trilogy No. 3
By Nora Roberts 
Jove Books - 1997 
ISBN: 0739405276 - Hardcover
Romance / Contemporary

Reviewed by: Jen Oliver, MyShelf.Com

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This book is the third of the "Dream" trilogy by Nora Roberts.  It tells the story of a woman, Laura, who is the daughter of a rich family, the Templeton's.  Laura has a dream of having a husband, 2.5 children, white picket fence, and the dog.

While Laura is trying to get over her broken marriage, an old childhood friend of her brother's, Michael, comes into Laura's and her daughters' lives.  Laura ends up finding the spontaneous love and romance that she has needed and wanted in her life.

This is a story about realizing that spontaneity is something that lovers’ need and that everything should not be scheduled and planned.  It has the necessary natural enjoyment between two people that make the story a realistic love story.  "Finding the Dream" is a very funny and entertaining story about a good girl who finds a bad boy romance.

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