The Dream Trilogy No. 2
By Nora Roberts 
Jove Books - 1999
ISBN: 0727822152 - Hardcover 

Reviewed by: Jen Oliver, MyShelf.Com
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Holding The Dream is the second of the "Dream" trilogy by Nora Roberts. It tells the story of Kate, who is the cousin of the rich family, the Templeton's daughter, Laura. Kate is the one who has her whole life set and if her goals are not met, she gets upset. Kate becomes suspended from her job and she finds the help of a man that works for the family's hotel named Byron.  Byron stays on Kate's side while she is sick and in possible trouble with her job.  Byron helps show Kate and the reader the type of love that women deserve to have in life.

This story shows the softer side of romance and is extremely touching. "Holding the Dream " is a story about simple romance and love.

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