By Myra Nour

Romance / Furtureistic / SF

Reviewed: MyShelf.Com  

Serena figures that her life is empty and is resigned to being alone. Her go nowhere job is more than she can take. In fact, she is getting tired of fighting the fight, in more ways than one. You see, Serena is a professional female wrestler. Upon leaving the arena after her latest defeat she and her opponent are accosted by two very strange men. What happens next is more than she or anyone else would believe. You see, aliens have abducted her. She finds that her life is now giving "mail-order bride" a whole new meaning. She and a large group of unattached women have been chosen to help repopulate the planet of Volarn. For some reason the Volarnian women have been found to be sterile and earth women are the likely candidates to take their place. When Serena finds that the Volarnian men are more than most women could ever hope for, she thinks she may warm to the situation. However, all is not safe and secure on Volarn. Undercurrents and enemies are hidden in the least likely places. 

As a reviewer, I must admit that I am not a big reader of science fiction/romance. However, once I started reading this book I found it delightfully entertaining. It was an easy read with good character development, just the right touch of humor and a plot that flows nicely. And even better, this is the first in a trilogy so there will be more trips to Volarn and their special world. 

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