Miss Carlyle’s Curricle
By Karen Harbaugh
Signet - June 1999
ISBN: 0451195361 - Paperback 
Romance / Regency

Reviewed by: Carisa Weeaks, MyShelf.Com

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When Diana Carlyle’s uncle died, he left her and Gavin Sinclair, her uncle’s heir, in a situation that Diane did not favor. Her uncle Charles was the Earl of Brisbane before Gavin and decided that he (Gavin) would be a good heir. In his will, he told Diana that she had to marry Gavin in order to get her large inheritance. Determined not to be sucked into a horrid trap, she refused to ever marry some one like Gavin even though Gavin didn’t protest at all about it. He actually “fancied” the idea. Now Miss Carlyle has to figure out how she can get out of the marriage until she finds out that her uncle’s deadly accident in the over-turned curricle might not have been an accident at all! Will she find out if her uncle was really murdered, and will she let her growing fondness for Gavin overpower her senses? 

This was an interesting story. The characters were unique and well rounded. The plot is interesting and very full of hooks that will keep you attached to the story until it’s over. The quality writing is very easy to follow and understand. I liked this book a lot. The romance in this story is very realistic and the plot twist was definitely a bonus. 

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