By Gillian Kaye
Robert Hale - 1999
ISBN 0-7090-6549-3 - Hardback
Romance / Regency

Reviewed by: Rachel Hyde, MyShelf.Com
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Hannah Sinnington is happy living at home with her parents and sisters.  She loves to ride around the estate collecting rents as she has done since the old bailiff died and helping her father. When she does marry it will be for love as her elder sister is about to do so she is dismayed when she is sent off to stay with her grandmother the dowager Lady Driffield.  Granted, she is to have a Season in York but the rest of the time she is little more than an unpaid companion who is the butt of her cousin Charlotte's acerbic remarks and her cousin Thomas' lewd advances.  At her coming-out ball she encounters Francis Burdale whom Charlotte hopes to marry and then all her troubles begin as she discovers just how far not only her cousin the elegant Lady Eleanor Westerfield will go in order to snare this eligible bachelor. 

This is an amiable and entertaining Regency that trips merrily along without a spare page.  As most Regency heroines have their Seasons in London I was intrigued as to what a York Season would be like in contrast. Unfortunately Ms Kaye is so busy describing the romance that she has all but omitted to record the no doubt fascinating details of provincial life in the North of England.  Read this for the story and then go elsewhere for some facts! 

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