By Vickie Britton& Loretta Jackson

New Concepts Publishing - 1999
ISBN 158608013X eBook
Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com

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Delores Camille and Lennea Andrews are assistants to Dr. Wesley Herns, and they are on their way to Mexico to work at an excavation site. At the Mexico City airport, Delores disappears. Lennea is frantic. Joseph Darrigo comes to her aid.He gets the luggage and helps her get through customs. Then Joseph takes her on to Merida where she is to meet up with Dr. Herns. Delores has left behind her suitcase. Lennea decides to look in it for an address book so she can call friends and hopefully locate Delores. At the very bottom of the suitcase Lennea feels a bulge, when she runs her finger along it she feels a clasp and it open up revealing six thick rows of American dollars totaling sixty-thousand dollars. Now Lennea really starts to worry about what Delores was mixed up in. 

This is one of those books that grab you from the very first sentence and keeps you guessing as to who the good guys really are right to the very end of the book. The ending is a nice surprise. 

The authors go into great detail about the Mayan's and their culture. The beautiful descriptions of the scenery made me want to book a trip there myself. 

Loretta Jackson and Vickey Britton are a sister/co-authoring team. These best selling authors have produced a mystery series and over ten single title mystery/romances. Their work has been produced in paperback, hardback, audio, and electronic format. 

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