By Eloisa James 
Delacorte Press - August 1999 
ISBN: 0385333609 - Trade Paperback
Romance / Regency - Mature Theme

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com

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Once Charlotte leaves Lady Chatterton’s School for Girls her life takes on a more mature roll thanks to her close friend and a tall dark handsome stranger at a secret masked ball. The experience is more than she bargained for so she decides to put her life in perspective by putting herself and her art before men and in the regency era that is quite a risk. Her parents fear their beautiful daughter will never marry. Three years later she meets the tall dark handsome stranger… well actually two of them… the Earl of Sheffield and Downes and his brother Patrick are twins. Which one took advantage of her so long ago? And does he remember it as well as she? 

This sizzling regency is a story of lust and love. It is racy, passionate, sexy, not to mention full of jealously, high emotions and humor. The characters show a passion for life. Take care: Potent Pleasure is not your run of the mill regency. 

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