By Jenny Lykins

Jove – Time Passage Romance - July 1999 
ISBN: 0515126071  - Paperback
Romance / Paranormal / Time Travel

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com

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This gentle romance is a  time travelers delight! In present day Baton Rouge, Brianne finds herself haunted by a handsome spirit who has occasionally spoken through her best friend David since they attended a séance. When things become too intense something happens to Brianne. She is transported back to 1832 and into the presence of the handsome flesh and blood stranger AND if that isn’t enough she lands in the body of the one woman who can’t have him. 

A lot happens once she is transported and becomes Amily. Some readers will be accepting of the many coincidences and the explanations and some may not. But that’s the idea of alternatives romances… there are no rules. I found it humorous, fun and entertaining. 

She also has two other Time Travel Romances: ECHOES OF TOMORROW and LOST YESTERDAY. 

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