By Christina Dodd, Stephanie Laurens, Julia Quinn, Karen Ranney 
Avon – June 1999 
ISBN:  0380804514
Romance / Historical

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com 
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Christina Dodd’s, UNDER THE KILT lives up to her sexy, racy style. Ms. Dodd finds a love interest for Hadden who is Mary’s brother in her other book “A Well Pleasured Lady.”  As the reader begins the story, the couple Hadden and Andra already know each other … intimately.  One of them just doesn’t want to summit to forever so the other goes to desperate measures to make it happen. 

I know it’s hard for a writer to get a full-bodied story into a short story and I go into an anthology with that thought, but with UNDER THE KILT, I felt cheated when suddenly they are locked a way, and, at least it seemed to me, 2/3 of the story was sex and nothing else. 

Stephanie Laurens’, ROSE IN BLOOM has a couple who hasn’t seen each other in years and come together to meet each others prospective future mates. 

Stephanie Laurens is able to give us an impressive short story. Her characters are charming and complete. To me it had a feel of the witty regencies I enjoy. 

Julia Quinn’s GRETNA GREEN is a fun story that any historical romance reader would enjoy. Margaret finds herself in search of her brother who has run off.  Once she reaches Gretna Green she runs in to trouble and finds herself saved by a handsome Scotsman. What she doesn’t know is he has his own reason for being there as well. 

With the first page the author takes you right into the excitement and you come away feeling satisfied.  As I was reading, I thought I knew what was going to happen… but I was wrong and, boy, was I glad. It just goes to show Julia Quinn still has it. 

Karen Ranney’s THE GLENLYON BRIDE is enchanting. Coinneach MacAuley is considered a seer of the clan, and when he tells Lachlan whom he must marry, Lachlan refuses. Janet meets and gives herself to a man who is supposed to marry the woman she works for and finds herself alone and homeless. 

In reading THE GLENLYON BRIDE, the reader will feel as if she has been transported back into time to witness a sweet romance. It truly is enchanting. 

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